Technical Specialties

Printers trust Finch to deliver better color, greater consistency and faster speeds for digital collateral, transpromo printing, on-demand books, and direct mail.

Finch sets itself apart by providing domestic product and service solutions that help customers react to a changing print world. Finch’s Research and Development team collaborates with ink and chemistry suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and print providers to engineer new product solutions for all types of digital print applications.

Finch pioneered ground-breaking technology in 2006 with Finch Fine iD for HP? Indigo? presses and again in 2008 with Finch Opaque Jet (formerly named Finch Inkjet Pi) for high-speed inkjet presses with pigment ink systems. Our optimized, digital papers for HP? Indigo? presses, toner-based laser printers and copiers, and high-speed inkjet presses are qualified on Canon, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Screen and Xerox printing platforms.

Digital Paper Sheets for Color Production Presses, Printers and Copiers
Finch Fine iD  | Finch Fine Color Copy  | Finch Opaque Digital

Digital and Inkjet Web Papers
Finch Opaque Jet | Finch Mailstream | Finch Smartbook | Finch Digital Web XP | Finch MOCR Laser