Finch Forest Management provides forest management services to private and public landowners interested in long-term forest health, increased revenue, reduced ownership costs, and/or superior recreation and wildlife management.

Over the past century, we have sustainably managed more than 160,000 acres of biologically diverse, ecologically sound and economically productive forestland, often referred to as the “Jewel in the Crown” of the Adirondacks in New York. Finch foresters are equally adept at managing large and small landholdings to meet our clients’ specific goals, with forest health as the first priority.

Our specialties include:

  • Sustainable forestry and third-party certification
  • Timber valuation and inventory
  • Responsible harvesting with access to the most lucrative product markets
  • Recreational leases

Please contact us at (518) 793-2541, ext. 5693, or via email.

Our services can be provided in total or individually as follows:

Long-term forest management planning to achieve your specific landowner goals and objectives

Whether you are seeking to enhance the health and value of your forest; generate income to pay your taxes and other ownership expenses; maximize the number or diversity of the wildlife that utilize your lands; or improve the land’s recreational opportunities for personal or commercial use, Finch foresters can provide you with a long-term forest management plan to achieve your goals.

Forestry certification planning and administration

Wood buyers and consumers today are increasingly seeking forest products that are independently certified to have come from responsibly managed forests. Finch Forest Management can assist in either Forest Stewardship Council? (FSC?), Sustainable Forestry Initiative? (SFI), and Tree Farm certifications by supervising the application and audit processes. We also offer a FSC? group certification for qualifying landowners to lower certification costs. Certification Program Master / Tracking and Monitoring

Timber harvest planning and supervision

Through the periodic selective harvesting of trees, you can help ensure the long-term health of your forest and help cover the costs of ownership. Finch foresters prepare forest-specific Harvest Reports, select the timber harvesting contractor and supervise the harvesting operation, ensuring all work is done in accordance with scientifically recognized Best Management Practices.

Sale of wood products in the highest-paying markets

A responsible timber harvest produces an array of wood products of varying value, from higher-priced veneers and mid-range saw logs to pallet logs and lower-priced pulp wood and biomass. Finch has long-term contracts in place with forest products companies across the Northeast — providing you with fast and convenient access to markets at the best possible prices.

Timber valuation and inventories

Obtaining an accurate inventory and value of your standing timber is extremely important if you are selling or buying forestland, planning or settling an estate, or evaluating the accuracy of your tax assessment. We combine our scientific knowledge of forest health with sophisticated computer modeling to predict your forest’s future growth and production to provide you with a well-documented and trustworthy valuation.

Purchasing Stumpage

Finch Forest Management also works with landowners who may have a shorter-term timber harvest objective and are looking to sell stumpage (standing trees). Finch ensures the landowner is offered a fair price with a transparent approach. Finch also ensures the timber harvest is done in a way that promotes the long-term health and value of the property.

Recreational leasing management

Leasing land to individuals or organizations for recreational purposes can provide an important revenue source, without harming forest health or your ability to realize revenue from responsible timber harvesting operations. Finch foresters currently manage one of the longest-running recreational leasing programs in the country. We can identify and maximize your land’s potential for recreational leasing income; assist your legal counsel in the development of the lease and other necessary documents; assume responsibility for all billing and administrative functions; and provide on-the-ground management services to ensure all lessees are complying with the terms of the lease and all applicable state and local laws.

Commercial leasing management

Utilities, telecommunications companies and other businesses are increasingly seeking to lease forestland for towers, wind farms, natural gas lines and other commercial uses. Finch Forest Management can assess the potential for leasing opportunities on your land and market your property to potential lessees; assist your legal counsel in the development of the lease and other necessary documents; assume responsibility for all billing and administrative functions; and provide on-the-ground management services to ensure lessees remain in compliance with the terms of the lease and all applicable state and local laws.

Enrollment and management of lands in New York State’s 480-a forest owner tax-incentive program

Section 480-a of the New York State Real Property Tax Law provides qualifying forest owners with as much as an 80-percent reduction in assessed value, provided the landowner commits to keeping his/her land as forested space for a minimum of 10 years and follows a forest management plan prepared by a forester and approved by the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Finch foresters can compute your estimated savings; assist in the application process; prepare the required forest management plan and inventory; and maintain the annual requirements for compliance with the tax-incentive program.

Management of state and local permitting processes

Finch Forest Management has extensive experience in the permitting application and approval processes with the Adirondack Park Agency and other state and local government agencies. We can help guide you and your legal counsel through these processes in as efficient and effective a manner possible.